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Sarasota Wedding Photographer

You might be a CNP bride if...

You are easy going and value experiences 

Y’all, Courtney and her team were amazing. From our initial meeting in her office, it was obvious that she was knowledgeable and ready to create beautiful memories at our wedding. She had already researched our venue and had specific photos in mind for specific times of the evening. On our wedding day, at our outdoor wedding venue... it rained. We had already seen the forecast and put up a tent. But people.... it was basically a small hurricane. Courtney continued to take all of the photos indoors while we got ready. Our wedding started thirty minutes late because of the rain. Thankfully the storm only lasted for about 45 minutes. Courtney stayed later and was willing to come back for family photos if the weather had not cleared. The photos that we did get because of the storm were beautiful. I highly recommend Courtney and her team to capture any of your special moments!

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You want your dream wedding to have dream photos

You're fun. You like color. You want your photographer to be keep things flowing seamlessly, taking charge when neccesary, while capturing your day authentically. You want to enjoy your day without stress.

That's where I come in.  I'm here to guide you through your day. To smack the cell phones out of peoples hands when they ruin your ceremony photos. (Joking, I won't do that. But I will remind the officiant to announce to guests to put them away)

When you're having a good time it comes through in photos, so my job is to ensure that you have the best day ever.

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The Investment

Other than your spouse, your wedding photos are the only thing that you'll keep forever after your wedding day.  Booking me is easy. We have a discovery call, you're welcome to come to my studio and see if we're a good match. Then there's a $500 retainer to reserve your date with the balance due two weeks before the wedding.


Elopements start at $1,290 and Weddings start at $2,500

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