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Surprise proposal in the woods

Updated: Nov 29, 2019

Jeremiah is pursuing a masters of divinity and when a friend introduced Julie, a woman with the same values, they instantly hit it off. They've been dating for 14 months and Jeremiah knew that she is the one for him.

They planned a Thanksgiving trip to visit family and planned a stop along the way. Jeremiah suggested a picnic at Julie's family's property, where a beautiful little bridge sits over a creek.

Jeremiah coordinated with Josh, who hid in a ghillie suit in the forest, to capture the moment that Jeremiah was to propose.

Julie was so excited and said yes! They immediately called family to facetime and tell them the exciting news.

Then they proceeded to have their real picnic...but were too excited to eat. Instead, they cruised around the property and had a fun engagement session.

This Thanksgiving, I think they'll have the best story to tell as to what they're thankful for.

Congratulations Jeremiah and Julie!

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