Woo hoo! We're official. Here's what's going to happen now. 

The Planning

Have you ever heard the saying "if you fail to plan then plan to fail."

If you've got a wedding planner skip to the next step. If there's no wedding planner, your girl's got you. You've told me what's important to you and you've filled out your questionnaire (right? If not, get on that!). I'm going to use that information to put together a timeline that best serves you, with sunset photos always accounted for.

I also want you to have a dream team. You'll get contact information for my go-to wedding professionals. (Bonus! They want to serve you and you'll get the hook up as a CNP bride..discounts anyone?) Start with All Event Entertainment.

The Engagement Session

Eeek! Engagment session time. This session serves a few difference purposes.

The first is to make like a fat polar bear and break the ice. You'll be so used to working with me that on your wedding day you won't even think twice about me snapping away. 

Second, you're going to send these beauties off! Hello gorgeous wedding invitation, these are going on the fridge.

Last but not least, your guest book. Your guests can leave you kind words and love notes in a beautiful book that compliments your wedding album.

How far out should we take these? 

We'll schedule them around four months before the wedding. This will give me time to edit your photos with plenty of time to send out your invitations. Invitations usually go out around two months before the wedding. If you'll have a lot of guests from out of town (or state) be sure to send your save-the-dates out at least six months in advance.

What should I wear?

When in doubt for what to wear...bring two outfits! Your outfit should be coordinated with the location we select, but you can never go wrong in a sun dress for outfit one and jeans and boots for outfit two. 

For the fellas, a nice button up top and khaki pants are an easy outfit.

And yes, you can totally text me photos while you're shopping and I'll give you guidance. 

Before The Wedding

We'll tie up any loose ends in the month leading up to the wedding. I'll contact you for our pre-wedding meeting.


We'll talk about anything that has changed, make sure there are no gray areas, and prepare for the best day of your life.

If you haven't paid the balance, you'll get a friendly reminder that it's due two weeks before the wedding. One less thing to worry about, yes!

The Day Of The Wedding

I'll text you (or my point of contact) before I head over. I'll check up with you when I arrive. If I'm working alone I'll break up my time before the ceremony between you, the reception and ceremony site for detail photos, and your groom. 

I'll do my best to stay out of your way but also laugh and enjoy the day along side you. You'll see my more serious side (perhaps even bossy! Especially during group photos...eyes on me, people!) We've worked so long to get to this point, I'll be working my tail off to capture all of your special moments.

I put my heart in to the day because I truly am passionate about preserving your memories. This is to become part of your family's history.

After The Wedding

This part is super important. I'm going to remind you to check back here because I know you're dying to get your photos.

When do I get my photos?

  • SIXTY DAYS. I will then begin the editing process. This takes up to 60 days. When I've finished I will email you your online gallery where you can download your photos immediately and share the link with any friends and family that you want to have access.

  • FOUR WEEKS. If you have an album, canvas, or other products included collection I will have directions in your email on how to select those. Your products will come in within one month of selection. Your USB of your images

I know life gets busy after the wedding, so I am happy to have another sit down meeting where I'll guide you in product selection. Got it all handled solo? That's cool too. :)

After all of this is done and said I'd appreciate if you leave me a review! The Knot