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Wedding at the Venice Train Depot

Meaghan and Jason had a beautiful intimate wedding at the Train Depot in Venice, FL. They wanted their day to be true to their love story and had a special display up...a Starbucks station! Their first date, and many of their first get together, revolved around stopping for coffee. Succulents were a delicate touch which doubled as decor and as a party favor. There was a dessert table that would satisfy any sweet tooth, which Meaghan's children were happy to dive in to. Next to the wedding cake was a sign that said, "First comes love, then comes dessert" which may be my new life motto.

Meaghan's beautiful red hair was done in a bohemian style braid. She wore an elegant gown and had the most unique bouquet I'd ever seen, it was made of wood! The wedding was beautiful, fun, and cozy.

Congratulations Mr and Mrs Laporte!

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