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Wedding at Fisherman Village Punta Gorda, FL

Angie and David were married on May 14th in beautiful Punta Gorda. Angie did most of the planning from their (current) home state of Kentucky. With help from her friends, they had a beautiful wedding!

The ceremony was held at the beach area of Fisherman Village. David and Angie exchanged beautiful vows then had a special communion.

After the ceremony we took portraits at Fisherman Village and Gilchrist Park. It was a hot day so the shade was much appreciated!

The reception was held at Hurricane Charley's. Angie and David enjoyed the time with their guests, and then at the end of the evening David surprised everyone....He played the piano and sang! People would stop in their tracks to listen to his amazing talent. It was such a memorable moment and so special for the beautiful couple. Congratulations!

Ceremony Location: Fisherman Village Punta Gorda, FL

Reception Location: Hurricane Charley's Punta Gorada, FL

Photographer: Courtney Nicole Photography

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