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Vendor Spotlight: Jess Tackett Hair

We'd like to introduce you to Jessica Tackett,

our go-to beauty artist!

Jess Tackett hair is a Port Charlotte hair and makeup artist that we trust to create your perfect bridal look. Let's get to know her!

What sparked you to pursue this career?

Honestly, it’s been something I’ve always been interested in. When I was really young, maybe 6 or 7, my grandma gave me a hairdryer for Christmas. I will never forget my mom rolling her eyes annoyed at the gift, she couldn’t understand what a little girl would want with a hair dryer. I LOVED that dryer- it made me feel so fancy and grown up. I feel good when I feel like I look good, I think most people can relate. I love making people feel like their best selves.

What services do you offer brides?

I offer hair and makeup services. I am willing to travel on site or accommodate them in my private salon suite. Since I have my own suite I can also provide color and cut services leading up the their big day.

What do you enjoy about working with brides/bridesmaids?

Every bride is different, but what they all have in common is how special that day is for them. The excitement around it all is contagious. Even if I had just met them I can’t help but be excited and happy for them. I’m a sucker for romance I guess.

Why is it important for brides to have professional hair and makeup?

This is a once in a lifetime moment for the bride. I take immense amount of care in making sure brides look like their best selves. Brides have so much to worry about planning a wedding that the last thing they need to worry about on their wedding day is doing their hair. Not only does booking a professional ensure that they are camera ready but it also allows for a moment of peace knowing they can sit back and relax and be pampered for a moment amidst all the stress of planning.

What sets you apart from other beauty artists?

Hair and makeup artists are just like any other type of artist. Styles and visions vary from one artist to another. I feel like my artistry is very classic. I try to create looks that you’ll be able to look back on anniversary after anniversary and still feel that you looked your best.

How long does hair and makeup take on a wedding day?

I get this question a lot when planning and it usually varies from bride to bride depending on how elaborate the desired style is. Density of hair also affects the timing. Most brides will have a trial with me so that we can determine a better time estimate as well as trying looks.

What tips do you have for brides-to-be?

RELAX! I’d let them know to relax and enjoy the day. It is one of the happiest days of your life, allow yourself to sit back and enjoy it all. Be pampered and feel like a princess!

How can a bride reach you?

I have a Facebook page Jess Tackett Hair, I can be messaged on there or reached at 941-451-3334.

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