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Vendor Spotlight: All Event Entertainment

If you don't already know, we partner with All Event Entertainment, a Port Charlotte, FL DJ that serves all of southwest Florida, to create perfect wedding day packages.We REALLY trust this business, and we want you to know why! DJ Rich Franz answered a few questions for us - reach out to him to learn more at .

What inspired you to start your own business?

I began my career as a club DJ.  One night I was approached by a patron of a club to DJ their wedding because she liked my style of mixing and music selection. I agreed and met with  the couple to pick out their song choices for the formalities. When the big day came I quickly realized that other than knowing how to mix music and read the crowd, I didn't really know how to guide the reception to keep things on track. The night had a few bumps... but overall everything worked out well and in the end the couple was happy with the way things turned out.

I really enjoyed DJing the wedding and decided I wanted to enter the world of mobile entertainmen but knew I had a lot to learn. I found a company that was willing to take me on as a DJ in training and eventually I was given parties and finally weddings to work on my own. I appreciated the training but didn't care for the cookie cutter approach - I wanted to be able to give each client a more personal experience that both reflects their personalities and is custom tailored to their specific ideas and themes.

That's when I decided to step away and start my own business.

How long have you been in the business?

I started Djing in clubs  seventeen years ago and started transitioning into private events about ten years ago. I started my first mobile DJ company in Connecticut towards the end of 2010.

What is your favorite part of the job?


I honestly enjoy what I do. I can't even consider it a job- it's a passion.  I am a people person and love meeting new clients, especially couples getting married because I get to share in their excitement. It's great getting to know them along the way as we plan for their wedding .

While I'm DJing it's great to see people having fun on the dance floor, being able to create the atmosphere for them is an awesome feeling. But, my favorite part of my job is when the happy couple comes up to me  at the end of the reception and tells me they thought everything was perfect and that they had a great day. 

Knowing I helped make the wedding they both looked forward to for so long  fun and memorable makes all the preparation I do worth it.

Do you offer any other services?

Absolutely! Besides several  fixture choices for the dance floor, we offer wireless decorative up lighting, and atmospheric effects such as dancing on a cloud and karaoke. We also offer photo booth services. We have  traditional open air photo booths with backdrops and I'm excited to say we started offering the Mirror Booth  this year as well. 

What sets you apart from other DJs?

I stand out because I get to know  my clients and really listen to what they want. I can make each wedding as unique as the couple. I am always willing to go the extra mile  and am there for them every step of the way from the moment I'm hired up until the end of their wedding day. 

As for equipment, I use only the most reliable  high end gear available and I constantly upgrade to further ensure there won't be any technical issues on one of the most important days of your life.

Do you work events other than weddings?

I have done and continue to do  sweet 16's and quinceaneras, Bar / Bat Mitzvahs , anniversaries, private parties, holiday parties, school proms and functions, fashion shows, festivals, charitable and corporate events to name a few. If there is an event that requires a DJ, chances are I've done it. 

What tips would you give a couple looking for a DJ?

Before I answer this question I can't stress enough a DJ can make or break your reception. A DJ is not there to just play music. They should be the emcee for the evening, and be the person that plans out all the formalities with you before the wedding and keeps things on track when your big day arrives.  Couples look for a great venue and spend so much time and money looking for the perfect decorations, floral  arrangements and cake but unfortunately the most lavishly decorated venue won't make a difference if your DJ doesn't keep things running smoothly and your guests entertained.

Think of all the weddings you've been to- the ones that were  so much fun you didn't want the night to end and it wasn't  because the centerpieces were gorgeous. 

When searching for your DJ, do your research. Read reviews, contact a few that interest you.

If you reach out and they take days to respond then cross them off the list. If they don't have time to spare to gain your business, they probably won't have the time to give you the attention you need to plan your day with you.

If a DJ isn't willing to meet with you in person and insists that everything can be planned via emails and phone calls, cross them off as well. I am never too busy to meet with new clients and am always available for questions from the time I am hired until the wedding day arrives.

When you go to meet with the DJ ask to see videos of previous weddings to see them in action and see if they match your style.

Some really important questions to ask are:

Will  they be the ones that will be Djing your event?

Do they double book?

Have they ever missed a wedding or event they were booked for? 

If they have to cancel last minute due to illness or unforeseen emergency do they have a back up performer to fill in for them ?

How often do they replace / upgrade their sound system and laptop? (Everything has a lifespan and you don't want a system that's on it's last legs to be used on one of the most important days of your life )

Do they bring back up equipment in case of a failure ?

Do they have liability insurance ? 

Above all, when you tell them your ideas and vision for  your wedding  make sure they truly understand what you want and will be able to deliver when the time comes. 

Like everything else in life, some DJ's are more expensive than others and probably for a good reason. When planning your budget, I strongly suggest to put a little more aside for a highly rated DJ with a great reputation even if it means sacrificing a few flowers for the tables.

I promise that  you and your  guests will be glad you did.

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