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The Wedding of Cat & Bat

Updated: Oct 16, 2019

Cat and Bat got married on an overcast day in Gotham. Villains and heroes traveled from far and wide to join them for their special union. Cat, in coordination with Bat's groomsmen, through stealth and utmost secrecy - surprised Bat with the Batmobile. Crowds of onlookers had to be kept at bay as they tried to catch a glimpse of the ceremony of epic proportions. Cat and Bat had a unity of the cape ceremony in which they both agreed to stand together for whatever life throws at them. Now, united as one, their next chapter begins as an unstoppable force.

Venue: Sidney and Berne Davis Art Center https://www.sbdac.com/

Wedding Coordinator: Winey Blonde Events http://www.wineyblondeevents.com/

DJ: Sol Productions Dj www.solproductionsdj.com

Batmobile: Broward Batman http://4kidsinneed.org

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