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Surprise proposal on Boca Grande: Banyan St

When Nick was searching for a Boca Grande photographer for his family photos I was happy to chat with him. When he let me know he'd also be proposing to his girlfriend, he was speaking my language.

He let me know they had visited the island a month prior and had fallen in love. They were returning for a vacation with his family and he knew this would be the perfect opportunity to propose.

When I pulled up to Banyan St out walks the woman of his dreams...and she is just gorgeous!

It was getting real, folks.

We walked over to the middle of Banyan st and sunlight poured in. Nick put on his game face and dropped to one knee.

It was such a beautiful moment! A big 'YES' followed by tears of joy. Banyan St was filled with excitement and the reality of the moment soaked in.

We then cruised on over to the beach. You'd never know by looking at the sky, but we had been watching the forecast for a hurricane. Not only were we out of the track of the hurricane, we got absolutely perfect weather.

The romantic sunset photos had me swooning.

I am so happy for this beautiful couple. Now to start the fun part, wedding planning!

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