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Surprise Proposal on Boca Grande

Elation. /ēˈlāSH(ə)n

Noun. Great happiness and exhilaration. Pathological euphoria.

Alexandra and Jonathan experienced the truest, deepest state of elation. Alexandra had the moment many little girls dream of, being proposed to in the most romantic way by the love of her life.

Jonathan and Alexandra grew up in the same town in Massachusetts, meeting in middle school and then going to prom together in high school. They parted ways during their college years, but as fate would have it, their paths intertwined and they reconnected a couple years back.

Their relationship progressed and Jonathan knew that Alexandra is the one for him, he's wildly in love with her and couldn't wait to have her as his wife. They had planned a trip to Boca Grande, FL and he knew that this would be a perfect opportunity to do his surprise proposal. He prepared her engagement ring, a family diamond with two pear cut diamonds added, so it would be perfect and unique - just like her!

The day of the proposal he managed to keep his cool. The weather on the island was warm and inviting. He suggested they take a walk down to the beach, all the while Jonathan had everything timed and planned. Alexandra was blissfully unaware of what was about to transpire, and as they approached the shoreline he suggested they dip their toes. They made their way to the water and he dropped to one knee, feeling excited and nervous - and mostly hoping she'd be just as happy as him.

Alexandra was shocked, filled with joy, and brought to tears when he asked her to marry him. She said yes, the easiest answer she's even given. After soaking in the moment, and exchanging lots of hugs and kisses, they walked back to their beach house and Alexandra face-timed her parents and announced the news.

As if all of his plans weren't thoughtful enough, Jonathan had coordinated to have his surprise proposal photographed followed by an engagement session around the island. They cruised around Boca Grande stopping to take photos and Alexandra would laugh as she pieced together how Jonathan pulled it off.

When the sky started to change color and the sunset was nearing they headed back to their beach.

They celebrated with a champagne toast and watched the sun fall down below the horizon. They admired Alexandra's ring, enjoyed their first day of the rest of their lives, and truly felt elation.

Location: Boca Grande, FL.

Photographer: Courtney Nicole Photography - Boca Grande wedding photographer

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