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Punta Gorda Yacht Club Reception

Joanna and Craig had planned their wedding for May 16, 2020. As with most things this year, plans changed. They had an intimate wedding on their original date but postponed the reception.

Joanna got ready at her parents' home. Her dad kept the laughs coming while hair and makeup was done. Craig got ready at home with his groomsmen.

We went straight to portraits after everyone was ready.

In lieu of another ceremony, the couple shared video taken from the ceremony that took place in May. Then straight to party time!

The couple shared special dances with their parents, then Craig's grandmother was called to join him on the dance floor - such a sweet moment!

The couple was polite and kept the cake cutting relatively clean.

Craig surprised the entire room when it came time to retrieve the garter - he and his cousins had choreographed a special dance!

Craig demonstrated a pro tip....while most men shy away from catching the garter, when the garter is placed around a football guys cannot help themselves from trying to catch it!

After the formalities the DJ, All Event Entertainment, turned the dance floor in to a night club. The couple and all of their loved ones danced the night away!

Venue: Isles Yacht Club

DJ: All Event Entertainment

Catering & Decor: Do All Rental

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