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Love is sweet: Surprise proposal at the Venice Pier

Updated: Dec 30, 2023

We all can enjoy a feel good love story, right? Well here is one so cute it could very well be a romance movie..but for now you'll get the blog post version!

Wyatt and Alexis met in the sweetest possible way. Wyatt was working at his parents' ice cream shop, Sweet Scoops in Port Charlotte, when this pretty new hire from out of state catches his eye. The two began dating and quickly fell in love.

Over the next 4 years they built their lives together. They have a beautiful home, two cats, and recently (as Alexis wished) they added a puppy to the mix! Maverick is their big baby, a 4 month old black lab and full of life.

To remember this time in their lives, Alexis decided to book a photo shoot. Lucky me! I received an email letting me know about their pets and how she'd like photos with her boyfriend. We set a date (who knew at the time it would be so significant!) and the planning began. Outfits were picked for the day and Alexis was going to get her hair and makeup done at her home before I arrived.

Ok fellas, this part should catch your attention. Take notes. Wyatt is a very clever guy. The morning of the session he contacted me. He had a ring, and he's going to propose. Alexis is going to be picture perfect, in a beautiful location, having her photos taken...and none the wiser. It was the perfect scenario.

When we arrived to the beach they were instructed on how to pose and we all got a good laugh as Maverick decided he'd rather play than be in photos.

A kind couple on the beach offered to hold on to Maverick while I took some photos of just Alexis and Wyatt.

We did a few more poses and then the plan went in to action. Alexis was instructed to turn her back to Wyatt, and while she waited for the next instruction he was slipped the ring box.

After a few moments of wondering why this pose is taking so long, Alexis got the queue to turn around. The people on the beach cheered (literally, this is not added for dramatization) as she turned to see Wyatt on one knee.

She said YES!!! 10/27/2022 is the date the next chapter of their lives begins. And to think it all started in a little ice cream shop.


The location: Venice beach

The Ice Cream Shop: Sweet Scoops

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