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Grandma's surprise

Nicole's Grandma is a fighter. She's had cancer three times - and kicked its butt!

Nicole is getting married next year in Pennsylvania. When she heard the news that her grandma's cancer had returned with a vengeance she was devastated. Having her grandmother at her wedding would be a dream. Knowing that her grandmother wouldn't be able to make the journey to her wedding next year, she hatched a plan to surprise Grandma instead.

Nicole drove all the way down to North Port, FL and told her Grandma they were going to take family photos. They couldn't travel far, so Nicole and her Grandma set up a lovely area for their portrait session right in the backyard.

The weather took a turn for the worst, but cleared just in time for sunset.

Little did Grandma know that Nicole had her wedding dress. After a few family photos together Nicole slipped away and came back in her gown.

Grandma was surprised! She was delighted to see her beautiful granddaughter walk away in one outfit and come back in another.

I am so glad that I was able to capture this beautiful memory for Nicole and her family. I'll be praying that Grandma kicks cancer's butt again, and for Nicole's future wedding.

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