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How to elope in Florida

So you've got elopement on the mind. The intimacy, romance, and low key aspect are all major pluses. Eloping allows for more flexibility and is budget friendly.

First thing's first: Obtain a marriage license

Apply at a clerk of the circuit court office for your license. You'll need proper ID and to provide your social security number. Keep in mind there is a three day waiting period between when you apply for the license and when it's issued, it is then good for sixty days. Once you've got your license you're ready to be married!

You can have a friend (who registers first) officiate your ceremony or find a local officiant.

Location Location Location

Eloping on a Florida beach is a dream to many. Florida beaches are public and a free option...double plus!

If you're an early bird then the east coast of Florida will be ideal. You'll be married with the sunrise and have the rest of your day to celebrate.

The evening may be more your pace - if so, you'll get a phenomenal sunset on the west coast.

Maybe a park is more your style.

Florida has beautiful oak trees with Spanish moss, when the sunset hits it just right it's absolute magic.

What to wear?

Whatever you please! If you're wanting to keep it easy, and perhaps are saving a large reception with a gown for down the road, then go for something that is comfortable and makes you feel beautiful.

If you're having a micro wedding, which usually have around twenty guests, then you may want to wear a gown. If that's the case, do it! If you'll be traveling consider having your dress shipped to where you'll be staying.

What about a bouquet?

We have many great florists in the area. Give them a call and let them know what you have in mind so they can have your bouquet ready for pickup. Many great artists on Etsy can have a bouquet shipped right to you.

I'd like to get my hair and makeup done.

You've got options! You can search for a salon in the city you'll to be married in, or have a hair and makeup artist come to you. My go-to is Jess Tackett.

When is the best time of year?

Florida is the sunshine state! It has a warm tropical climate year round. Hurricane season runs from June-November, during this time you may experience thunder and rain - which typically comes and leaves rather quickly. February-May are a popular time to get married because of the comfortably warm weather and the decreased likelihood of rain.

How to plan from afar?

Get in contact with me...seriously! As a Florida wedding photographer I've come to know the best locations to get married at and have made great connections with other vendors. I've helped many couples plan their weddings from thousands of miles away.

I'd love to capture your big day and help you bring the elopement of your dreams to life. I hope to chat soon!

Happy Planning!

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