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Crescent City Wedding on the Pier

Cameron is my childhood bestfriend, and Corinne is the woman of his dreams. I am so blessed to have captured their wedding day!

Corinne's family flew in from Nebraska to join her. The ladies got ready at Bree's beautiful home. Corinne's hair was braided and lined with succulents - it was such a unique and elegant look!

The guys kept busy all morning doing preparations. They then returned to the home of Cameron's aunt and got dressed.

They shared an intimate first look in the redwoods off of Wonderstump Rd. They exchanged vows and tears were shed.

They met while Corinne was working at the Northcoast Marine Mammal Center. They had their ceremony on the Crescent City B street pier, which is within walking distance to where they first met. The location is so sentimental to them!

After the ceremony we took a short drive to Crescent City's south beach for portraits. It was windy but so beautiful.

Corinne had thoughtfully planned her décor for months. Little details highlighting marine life tied the wedding to their meeting place. The wedding was absolutely perfect and I am so glad I was there to see the new chapter in their lives.

Ceremony Location: B Street Pier

Reception: Crescent City Cultural Center

Makeup Artist: Marina Zamora Beauty

Crescent City Wedding Photographer + Video: Courtney Nicole Photography

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