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Covid-19: Rescheduling a wedding

Couples with upcoming weddings are in a really tough spot. Many have to decide whether to reschedule their weddings due to the corona virus. The very talented Rachel, of Creative Eventology, has some great advice for those who find themselves in this position.

What is the first thing a couple that is rescheduling do? If you don’t have a planner working on all of this on your behalf, the best place to start is with your venue. You will need to figure out how they are handling postponed events and if there are any financial implications to changing your date (consider room rates, food and beverage minimums, deposits, etc.). Get a short list of dates (3 or so) that you would consider for your new date and then run those by the rest of your vendors to see if there is one or two that works for everyone. Check with each vendor individually to see if there is anything that will change with deposits or final balances and be sure to get confirmations of everything in writing (email chains work) for your records.

If a vendor does not have the newly scheduled date, what options does a couple have?

Unfortunately, if you find a new date that works for all but one of your vendors, you’ll likely have to forfeit your deposit for that vendor and find another for your new date. Keeping lines of communication with open with your vendors (especially your planner) is the best way to navigate this situation. They may even be able to recommend a great replacement!

Many weddings are moving out of spring and into a different season. Some brides are worried they' will have to completely change their color scheme.  Do you have any tips for changing colors?  How about incorporating spring colors in a fall or winter wedding? 

No worries! In general, I tell my clients not to fixate too much about representing the season of your event in your décor unless that’s central to your overall theme because you can totally make any color palette work regardless of when your event is! The easiest way to do this is to change up your florals a bit or by modifying some of the small décor details you may be planning on incorporating. For example, transitioning from a spring to a fall wedding you could add in some additional color into your florals (burgundy or mustard are great options for fall) or change up the types of blooms you’re including (switch from tulips and peonies to dahlias and amaranthus) which can offer a more seasonal feel. Additionally, adding in small touches of things like pampas grass, small white pumpkins or pie for dessert can all emphasize that cozy fall feeling. If you’re unsure of how to implement some of these changes, hire an event designer (like us) or consult your florist!

Do you have any tips for keeping a budget under control with rescheduling?

- Do your best to find a date that works for ALL of your hired professionals so you don’t have to worry about losing any money on forfeited deposits. - Keep in mind that there be more guests RSVPing ‘No’ if your wedding is in the next month or two so, if possible, don’t lock yourself into hard guest count commitments. - Even if payment dates are pushed back, consider paying your vendors early to be sure you don’t run out of funds when your new date rolls around. - Don’t spend any additional money on personalized or small décor items until your date is secured.

Is there any additional advice you can give couples in this trying time?

Just breathe. If you need to take a month of from planning because it’s too much, then do it. If you were considering hiring a wedding planner anyway, now is the perfect time to do so. An experienced planner will be able to help you navigate the uncertainties that this pandemic has forced upon our lives. How can a couple get in touch with you for more help with wedding planning?

Email is the best way to reach us:

You can find us online at, on Facebook,and Instagram!

Through May we’re also offering a free 30 minute chat sesh for anyone who is struggling with postponing or modifying their event in some way due to COVID-19 so give us abuzz via email or phone

(484-354-2663) to schedule!

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